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Pre-sale 10/26, 22:00 UTC. Public mint 10/27, 16:00 UTC.

Join The Crooks

The Crooks are a series of 6,000 randomly generated raccoon thugs battling for control over turf in the Crookiverse.

Who are The Crooks?

Crooks are all about family. Choose to join one of 4 different Crook families. You'll compete against other Crook families in a series of recurring minigames for turf and loot. The winning family each week wins 30% of trading royalties from a community wallet. Crooks are tightknit group, but you can forge even closer bonds with your family members.


  • Phase 0: Early Initiation

    Active members in Discord get to claim an early spot in the Crook family of their choice.

  • Phase 1: Release The Crooks

    Choose your family and get initiated into the Crookiverse.

  • Phase 2: Crook Foundation

    Your family chooses a cause, and sends 10% of family mint proceeds to a charity determined by a family vote.

  • Phase 3: Family Feud

    Play weekly minigames against other Crook families. The winner each week wins a large chunk of Crook royalties.

  • Phase 4: Crook World Expansion

    Expect airdrops of new weapons and accessories to power up your team in the minigames. A black market will open up to trade Crook weapons and accessories.

  • Phase 5: Family DAOs

    Each family will become a DAO with elected leaders. The group decides what other families to attack and which families to ally with.


The Crooks are a collection of 6,000 NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. The Crookiverse is a minigame system that Crook holders get to compete in for prizes.
You'll have the option to choose between 4 Crook families to mint into. You'll compete with your family against other families in minigames to win SOL from trading royalties, and have access to exclusive family merch and drops.
When minting opens, you can choose which family to mint into. You'll need a Solana wallet like Phantom or SolFlare.
0.25 SOL
10/26, 22:00 UTC. Folks on the pre-sale whitelist can mint at the discounted 0.5 SOL price.
10/27, 16:00 UTC.
10/27, 16:00 UTC.